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Oregon Legislation

The Oregon State Legislature convenes annually in February at the State Capitol in Salem, and are elected for two year terms. In odd-numbered years, the Legislative Assembly convenes on the second Monday in January, to swear-in newly elected officials, elect legislative leaders, adopt rules, organize and appoint committees, and begin introducing bills.

The primary functions of the Legislative Assembly are to enact new laws and revise existing ones relating to the health, education and general welfare of Oregonians, and to make decisions that keep the state in good economic and environmental condition. An informal, but highly significant, function is to provide a forum for resolution of group conflicts and expressions of public grievances. This public/legislative interaction frequently occurs without enactment of any new laws.

The Legislative Assembly, often referred to as state government’s board of directors, is responsible for a biennial budget in excess of $10 billion. The power to allocate state monies gives the legislature influence over the executive branch. In deciding where and how much money the state will spend on its agencies and programs, the legislature establishes priorities and sets public policy. Check out the links below for more information or visit https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/.

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